In the middle of August, during our family cottage vacation, I got to spend a gorgeous evening taking engagement photos for my brother and his beautiful fiance, Daham! We started the shoot at the cottage, where there is a cute little dock on the water. The waves were slow and the air was getting cool, the perfect temperature to go walking around the camp scouting locations. Daham and Nick had been fishing a lot that week, so we decided to grab one of the fishing poles from the shed, and use it as a fun little prop. No worm, no effort, Daham casted it in to the lake and they both smiled for some photos, less than 10 seconds later, Daham shouts that something was on her line! When she reeled the line in, low and behold, they caught a fish! After the excitement, we went for a walk down to the chapel where we got what is now my favourite engagement photo to date. We spent what was left of the golden hour taking photos in the pretty greenery and paths along the lake. This week and this day was so much fun. I love when my couples feel free and adventurous and are down to try anything, and be themselves. And these two definitely feel like themselves around each other! They are equal parts goofy, hilarious, creative and kind. Nick + Daham are so perfect for each other and I am super excited to be gaining another sister next year! Love you guys!

#cottageengagement #lake #camp #nature #sunset #goldenhour

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